Kubernetes Cluster from Scratch

In this session, we create Kubernetes cluster from scratch and deep dive kubernetes cluster components. You can see schedule below;

  1. Create machines by using Docker Machine to use as Kubernetes cluster nodes
  2. Install kubernetes cluster with 1 master 2 slave nodes
  3. Install and configure kubectl to apply some operations on cluster
  4. Review cluster components to have a good insight about kubernetes
  5. Deploy a Spring Boot app on to cluster

Don’t Try to Unit Test Controller Request Validation

Don’t try to unit test controller request validation, because MockMvc is a container-less spring platform that means exception resolver will not be activated during controller unit test. MethodArgumentNotValidException will not be resolved and you will get an empty response body with desired status(400 Bad Request) on your response inside unit test section. The best way to test controller request validation for bad request assertion is testing it inside integration tests of controllers.

Build a Real-Time Chat Application With Modulus and Spring Boot

In this tutoral, we will use Spring Boot for the web development environment, Websockets for real-time communication, Tomcat for the Java application container, Gradle for building and managing the dependencies, Thymeleaf for template rendering, MongoDB for data storage, and finally there will be no XML for bean configurations. Just to make you inspired, at the end of this article, you will see a fully working application like the one shown below.